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"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"                                                                   -Thomas A. Edison

Learning is an opportunity....learning is work...hard work at times.... don't miss the opportunities that lie before you!

You will find my teaching philosophy on my essays page.

   I teach computer science and information systems at Corban College in Salem, Oregon.

   Contact Information at Corban (August 15th through May 15th):
        office location: AC4405
        snail mail: Corban College
                        5000 Deer Park Drive SE
                        Salem, OR  97301
        phone: 503-589-8179
        fax: 503-315-2942

   I am an adjunct instructor for online courses in the Network division of ECPI Technical College.  

   You can view my ECPI faculty page for more details.

Links for Curriculum & Teaching

CS Associations: Back to the top
     ACM Association for Computing Machinery 
     CCSC The Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Northwest Region 
     CS Teaching Center
     CS Subgroup of the Association of Christians in Mathematical Sciences 
     IEEE Computer Society
     LACS Liberal Arts Computer Science Consortium 
     NSF National Science Foundation
     SIGCSE Special Interest Group - Computer Science Education 
     SOA Software Association of Oregon 

Curricula/Teaching Resources:  Back to the top
     ACM Curricula Recommendations
     ACM Journal on Educational Resources in Computing JERIC
     AAHE - American Association for Higher Education
     NTLF - National Teaching & Learning Forum
     SEI- Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon University)
     Tomorrows Professor

Publishers/Text Book Resources:  Back to the top
      Addison-Wesley & Benjamin Cummings Higher Ed.
      Addison-Wesley Professional
      A.K. Peters
      Cambridge Press
      CRC Press
      Franklin, Beedle & Associates
      Jones & Bartlett
      McGraw-Hill Engineering CS
      Microsoft Press
      MIT Press
      Morgan Kaufmann
      Oxford University Press
      Prentice Hall
      Springer NY
      Thomson - Brooks/Cole
      W.H. Freeman
      Wrox Press
      W.W. Norton